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Ra Records is a creative agency specialising in experiential activations and live music events. In an ever shifting  environment our aim is to show the effectiveness of a creative experience to  influence, inspire, change perception and behaviour. Ra Records is a team of industry professionals; creative directors, artists, technical engineers, marketing executives, social media strategists, and videographers.




Vanlife (Documentary Tour) - AUS / USA / CAD / EURO - 10 Activations
Light of Love Tour - EURO - Festivals, Secret Garden Shows  - 14 Activations
3x3 AUS Tour - Festivals, Secret Garden & Community Shows - 22 Activations
Ep Launch Fundraiser Homie / Many Hands - All Press Studio, Melbourne
Sea Shepherd / TOMS Fundraiser - Steve Erwin, Williamstown Australia

Activation* - the process of making an event active or operative.

Levi VanderAa

Levi VanderAa - Director

Aaron VanderAa - Director


Aaron VanderAa


Christian Edwards

Manager, Creative Director

Glenn Scott

Producer, Recording Engineer



Jonny Dustow

Vanlife Director, Social Media Strategist, (Vanlife Diaries)

Stefanie Kofler

Booking Agent Europe, Event Management



Fashion, Art & Design (Cee Art Design)




Samantha Manovski

PR, Events Coordinator, Administrator, (Wanderinglove)

Production & Engineers

Dan Wick - FOH Sound Engineer, (Wick Studios)

Jeremy Lassemillante - Lighting / Vision Engineer, (E3 Productions)

Jay Wolf - Sound, Vision, Lighting Engineer, Road Crew, (GNS Audio)

Nathan Holding - Sound, Vision, Lighting Engineer, Road Crew (Any Entertainment)

Leonard VanderAa - Logistics Engineer

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